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Experience the Fun, Intellectual Challenge, and Practical Benefits of Being Conversational in Another Language!

Savvy traveler language courses are catered to travelers, business professionals, medical professionals, agricultural workers and service industry workers. They are catered to bring your language skills from zero to conversational in 30 days. 4.5 hours of Digital Streaming included with every course. Enjoy lifetime access to these courses to refresh your skills whenever you would like. Spanish, French and Italian courses are available from over 20 years of experience from the Alliance Française de Bozeman International Language School.

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~ Travel Savvy Chinese Available July 1, 2018! ~

Understanding other languages opens the door to exploring all over the world, making the rich heritage, arts, and cultures of all speakers across the globe accessible.

Instead of 30 or 250 lessons as found in other popular language programs, Savvy Traveler Co. compiles all the most needed conversational pieces into 3 lessons with a total of 4.5 hours of Digital Streaming and lifetime access for language learning and maintenance, as well as a Private Facebook group to Direct Message your Language Instructor. Experience the Savvy method of learning languages for their conversational enjoyment!
Free Workbook Included with Course!

Learn a Language for $297.00
per language course with lifetime access to your Savvy Traveler Co. Membership


    • 4.5 hours of Digital Streaming that covers all the fundamental conversational dialogues and all the most asked travel questions. Workbook Included.

    • Access to the Private Facebook Group, where answers to questions are given though teachers and other students on a daily and weekly basis.

    • Access to and professional teachers that are certified professionals and are highly-skilled in the art of foreign language acquisition. As a student, you will be able to schedule private Skype tutor sessions for additional hourly rates.

    8% of Annual Course proceeds to Non-Profit Language School Education.

    This is the course you need if you are a:

    • Student
    • Traveler
    • Teacher
    • Business Owner
    • Multi-lingual family member
    • Medical professional
    • Option 1: Lifetime Savvy Business Package: Business Course License to train all certified employees or clients for Lifetime Spanish Conversational Skill Maintenance.
    • Option 2: Lifetime Savvy Student/Traveler Package:  Individual certificate and Lifetime Spanish Conversational Skill Maintenance.

“Savvy Traveler Co.  Spanish is a well organized, accessible way to get your basic skills up to speed. Get it before you set out on your next adventure!”

~Cynthia, bi-lingual journalist

A. Plunkett  

I took 2 years of Spanish in high school – a few years back 😉– and I learned more in the first few modules of Savvy Traveler Spanish than I did in those 2 years! Alaina is very easy to follow, the program is comprehensive, and I feel confident that I will be able to converse with others on our next trip to Cabo, Mexico. My children watched with me and were able to learn as well – 4 years – 17 years old. If you want to learn conversational Spanish – this is the program for you.

Savvy Traveler Student