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Simple… Savvy Traveler Co. is an online destination dedicated to providing you the most straight forward language instruction for home, business and travel talk.

Bonjour! ¡Buenos dias! Buon giorno! Oi! !Ni hao! Konnichi wa! Guten Tag! Päivää!

Untie your tongues!

In 1992 Brigitte Morris formed the Alliance Française de Bozeman International Language School to provide private tutoring, classes & translation services located at The Emerson Cultural Center (ECC) in Bozeman, Montana. 25 years later, Savvy Traveler Co. was formed as a digital platform of the 12- week courses compiled into 4.5 hours, and available with lifetime access and anywhere in the world. Savvy Traveler Co. filled a local need that spread globally with the rise of Airbnb travelers and multilingual individuals, families, businesses and schools.
Savvy Traveler Co.’s mission is to build community through the study and enjoyment of languages in a simple and effective way.

Our goal, is to help you confidently navigate yourself  in another language with a comfortable, college caliber education,  one small step at a time — no major lifestyle overhaul required! You can watch course movies anywhere, on any computer or phone device, and confidently learn the fundamentals of conversation! With college caliber courses at the tip of your fingers, these 4.5 MP4 video courses; with DIYs learning tips of savvy + language  to expert pronunciation/politeness/vocabulary/dialogue advice, we help you navigate other languages while feeling inspired everyday to grow at your own pace. Join us in our mission of making the world a better place for people everywhere through communication.

For all of our students, we guarantee our 100% 30-day money back for all students that do not feel like it was the educational investment that worked for them.

We make it as simple as possible, with college caliber education, so that you can use your new language skills for school, home, work and travel. Congratulations on finding us! We know your hang-ups and we know your dream of speaking another language without being overwhelmed. Every course, compiled in 3 modules totaling 4.5 video hours, is catered to your most asked questions about pronunciation, how to be polite and most needed vocabulary and dialogues for home, business and travel life.

Why wait? Conversations await you.

So, sign up for your Travel Savvy Spanish Course, receive your private code to your membership site in your email, log-in, print your workbook, and listen to your 4.5 hours of videos at home or on your phone anywhere. Ask your questions to your private Facebook group or hire a tutor in the membership site. Repeat as needed! The world is your playground. Enjoy!

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students have to say:

5 out of 5 stars

Diane (verified owner)  


What a great course. I am getting ready to go to Panama and have used my knowledge from this course with my Hispanic friends here in Billings. Were they impressed. They have tried for a year to teach me Spanish, however they thought I would never learn a single word. Now, I can talk to them in their native language. YAHOO, Panama here I come. I’m so happy took the time to go through this course.

5 out of 5 stars

Sara Dee (verified owner)  

First let me start by saying the instructor, Alaina Garcia, is disarmingly friendly and that her enthusiasm really helps make me feel enthusiastic about learning! I have tried and tried to learn Spanish and I already feel more confident though the Savvy Traveler program. I look forward to taking the course again with my daughter, who is 5. Thank you!

5 out of 5 stars

Spring Cook-Riddle (verified owner)  

Wow, just wow! Thanks so much for making spanish easier and fun to learn! Walked away from this program ready to take on my 2 wk Mexico vacation!

5 out of 5 stars

Gabriel Perry  

Thanks for creating such an user friendly educational program I actually use! I was intimidated by other programs but the streps in this program are fun and super simple. I highly recommend this program if you want great results!! Thanks!!!!

5 out of 5 stars

Angela Plunkett  

I took 2 years of Spanish in high school – a few years back 😉– and I learned more in the first few modules of Savvy Traveler Spanish than I did in those 2 years! Alaina is very easy to follow, the program is comprehensive, and I feel confident that I will be able to converse with others on our next trip to Cabo, Mexico. My children watched with me and were able to learn as well – 4 years – 17 years old. If you want to learn conversational Spanish – this is the program for you.